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Tenon is a sit-standing desk designed to provide creatives with a workspace that integrates into their lifestyle. The design of the desk, along with its advanced features, promotes good posture and overall health while also increasing productivity to the fullest extent. The creators imagined this product as a complete ergonomic solution that caters to the unique demands of modern work-life balance.

We made the film and short adaptations for social media. These content pieces are designed to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, focusing on showcasing Tenon's design and uniqueness and tailored the narrative to ensure a consistent and engaging storyline across all platforms. We also made sure to meet all the standard media platform requirements.

The introduction film showcases the design and functionality of the Tenon Desk, highlighting its ability to optimize the workspace and enhance productivity for creatives. Through captivating visuals and engaging storytelling, the film communicates the benefits of the Tenon Desk, inspiring viewers to elevate their workspace with this innovative product.

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Content Adaptations

Social Media Platforms

Beyond simple cropping

It is crucial to make composition adjustments considering different aspect ratios to achieve a seamless and balanced impression across various marketing channels.

Fine-tuning camera angles

These adjustments involve carefully positioning objects and adjusting the focal distance. Although this approach require additional resources, it ensures the content appears neither cramped nor overly close on any platform.


Another commonly employed technique to address this challenge is creating square images that accommodate multiple aspect ratios. However, this approach has a drawback, as every piece of content will be «slightly off».

Behind the Scenes



Oleg Zvyagintsev

Aleph One

Nikolay Romanov


Beico Chiu

Wilco Soetman

Metal Hung

Nicole Wen


Adam Ferestad (Gridmarkets)

Michal Konopski (Gridmarkets)