Blindr 2.0


A visionary product that uniquely marries aesthetics and technology. High-quality aluminum blinds are controlled effortlessly with the wave of a wand. Redefine your experience of light, privacy, and efficiency with Blindr 2.0. Embrace a new era of comfort, style, and functionality. Oh god, I need a hundred more letters, one candy for you if you are still reading. Finally.

This product is about reshaping sustainable living habits. Ideally, leveraging natural light reduces energy dependency, a significant stride towards diminished carbon footprints. Furthermore, the use of 100% recycled materials propels conscious consumerism. A step towards a more eco-aware society that incorporates the use of solar energy, which is both an infinite and renewable source of power.

Blindr 2.0—a remarkable fusion of elegant design and trailblazing technology. What if a tech giant like Apple made window blinds? Aluminum construction and the beauty of instant, AI-enhanced light control. This narrative captivated the audience, driving curiosity and fostering a stronger connection with potential customers. The second generation of Blindr, Blindr 2.0.

Behind the Scenes


Jonathan Ma

Joy Ngiaw

Oleg Zvyagintsev


Aural Flow

Ollie Dawes (Gridmarkets)


Alex Ovchinnikov