Carbon Mobile is a forward-thinking German company. Their product is thinner and lighter yet more sustainable than traditional smartphones, boasting superior privacy features. By opting for recyclable materials and promoting easy repairability, they breathe new life into the personal electronics scene, ensuring their impact echoes beyond mere technological advancement

By promoting recyclability and repairability, Carbon Mobile empowers consumers to make ethical choices that respect the environment and cultivate a more resilient future. This is a shift into a conscious tech sphere, where innovation serves a dual purpose—societal good and cutting-edge user experience. Courage and progressive thinking by teams like CM, leading us toward a more conscious and ethical approach to technology.

We partnered closely with their dedicated team of founders to create the launch film for Carbon Mobile's Carbon 1 MK II—the world's first carbon fiber smartphone. A device is rooted in sustainability and ethical practice. We had to weave this unique character into every frame. The film echoed the profound passion of its creators and reflected their vision.

Behind the Scenes



Oleg Zvyagintsev 

Gast Ibarroule


Firas Khalifeh

Jamie Clews

Saleh Kelarge


Lennart Demes

Lee Robinson