DOTCOMSCAN's QR code advertising plates are an ingenious tool for businesses to connect with customers, increase brand visibility and easily track analytics. The product is in various sizes and colors and can be customized with the brand's logo. Users simply scan the QR code, leading them to the desired web destination, a website, or a social network page.

These plates bridge the gap in a world where digital and physical realms often seem detached. By simplifying access to digital resources, from websites to social media platforms, they empower customers to engage with businesses on a deeper level—raising awareness, facilitating communication, and ultimately bonding our society tighter in an era of digital advancement.

We collaborated with DOTCOMSCAN, an innovative company specializing in QR code advertising plates. The primary challenge was effectively showcasing a simple product in a dynamic. Leveraging our experience in animation and visual storytelling, we developed a captivating launch film.

Behind the Scenes



Tim Schmidt

Oleg Zvyagintsev

Pedro Schreier

Aleksandr Lukyashko


Nikolay Romanov

Pavel Alimov