Customizable with length and color options, this LED light boasts impressive features like a 60,000-hour lifespan, high color rendering index, insulation coverability, water and dust resistance, and smart home compatibility. More than mere illumination, Pandora is a visionary transformation of spaces, designed to enhance any setting, be it a cozy home environment, a professional workspace.

By providing efficient, adaptive, and environmentally friendly lighting, it contributes to a lowered carbon footprint, elevating users' quality of life while sustaining our planet's health. Pandora's introduction into the market signifies an innovative, responsible, and forward-thinking approach to societal living standards. Light is not just about visibility—it's about livability!

When Visionary Technologies NZ approached us, they had a fantastic product, the Pandora LED, we devised a visually captivating and engaging launch film. Utilizing dark cinematic aesthetics, we explored Pandora from all angles, displaying the product with all its glorious specifics while maintaining the air of intrigue. It wasn't just a film—it was a story, a Pandora brought to life.

Behind the Scenes



Oleg Zvyagintsev

Nikolay Romanov

Visionary Technologies

Ben Davidson

Olivia McGovern

Corbin Wong