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We sought to capture the essence of Apple's design philosophy in our own work, striving for simplicity, elegance, and functionality in every detail. Our focus on small-scale architecture allowed us to experiment with new materials and techniques, creating a unique visual language that reflected the beauty and precision of Apple's products.

Our project culminated in a series of stunning photographs that showcased the interplay between light, form, and function. By examining Apple's design principles in a new context, we were able to create a body of work that celebrated the beauty and ingenuity of modern design. We hope that our work inspires others to explore the possibilities of design and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Apple product design created a ripple across many industries, influencing a long tail of demand worldwide. Our project was a meditation on form and function, an exploration of the small-scale architecture with the big scale camera work.


Oleg Zvyagintsev

1668 — 3d modeling

WinnieTheMoog (Taiga Sound)